"Spies Hecker Paint Systems"- 26 & 27 September 2015

Another technical seminar for car painters took place in ELTREKKA's Training Center on the 26th & 27th of September 2015. Partners from Patra attended the seminar titled "Spies Hecker Paint Systems". On Saturday, September 26, our partners had the opportunity to visit the premises of ELTRAK group and then attend the Theoretical & Practical Training. The day ended with a friendly dinner at a local restaurant. On September 27, the participants had the opportunity to practice on car painting themselves.


Greek Motorcycle Championship

The fourth race of the Greek Motorcycle Championship took place at the Megara race track on the 12th & 13th of September 2015. ELTREKKA was present supporting its partners participating in the championship.


Technical seminar "Start & Stop" - 09 & 10 September 2015

On the 9th and 10th of September, an ELTREKKA S.A.  technical seminar was organized along with Mr Kontos Dimitrios specialized starters and alternators renovator, in Neos Skopos at Serres.

The seminar titled "Stop & Start, smart energy management and batteries", was attended by 45 participants, both car mechanics and electricians.

During the training, questions arose and were disgust especially regarding the energy management, which for modern vehicles in contrast to the older technology, the whole function is controlled by the engine's management ECU, requiring a new perspective of fault finding method


Training Program for carpainters

ELTREKKA launching a new ultramodern technical center started a comprehensive series of high-quality technical training for car painters. Painters from all over the country had the opportunity to attend the trainings and gain necessary knowledge in theoretical and practical level on topics such as:

  • New materials
  • Defects in paint
  • Smart System Repair
  • Color matching
eltrekka spies hecker seminars eltrekka spies hecker seminars

eltrekka spies hecker seminars


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