Installation of a C15 550 kVA at GRNET new data center at Louros river

Within walking distance from the artificial hydroelectric dam of PPC’s 10.5MW small hydroelectric power station, LAMDA HELLIX, a leading provider of quality services for data centers, created on behalf of the National Research and Technology Network (GRNET) the first data center in our country, based on renewable energy sources.


The project aims to make the most of the water resources of the region to fully cover the total energy needs of the data center by achieving energy savings of over 70%. A Caterpillar generator set C15 550 (550kVA/440kW) ensures uninterrupted power supply that is required for data center’s critical loads and the custom sound attenuated enclosure (canopy) of the genset meets the requirements of this project.


Installation of three(3) C32 1100 at the Parnassos Ski center

The company DOPPELMAYR SEILBAHNEN GMBH has undertaken the construction of a new lift in one of the largest ski centers in Greece and purchased three (3) generator sets Caterpillar type C32 1100 - 1100kVA / 880kW stand-by operation and 1000kVA / 800kW continuous operation, 50Hz, 400V. The generator sets have new Caterpillar EMCP4.4 control panels in order to provide parallelism for synchronized operation.

Eltrak CAT στο Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Παρνασσού C32 1100 στο Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Παρνασσού

The Caterpillar generator sets meet the needs of the new modern lift that installed by the company DOPPELMAYR SEILBAHNEN at the ski center. Furthermore, the generator sets installed at an altitude of 2000 meters and the range of ambient temperatures in which they operate is very large and extends from -20 °C to +43 °C. Finally, we would like to point out that the application is quite vital since these gensets will serve the winter sports lovers under adverse weather conditions.


New electric counterbalance forklifts - Caterpillar

Caterpillar introduced the new 48V and 80V EP range of 3 and 4 wheel electric counterbalance forklifts, from 1,3 to 5,0 tons. In developing the series designers aimed to make the operation extremely smart and give the operator a strong sense of confidence and control. The relevant features to the operator include “touch” power steering, which requires only half the effort of a conventional system and provides operation “feedback” to enhance the accuracy.

EP45 - Electric Counterbalance Forklift 

Improved comfort is provided by the extremely smooth and quiet operation of the steering motor. The average noise level for the vehicle as a whole, in a standard industry test, is less than 66 dB (A) for 3-wheel forklift and 67 dB (A) for a 4-wheel. This is about the level of normal human conversation.

Caterpillar has used for its approach to satisfy the needs of drivers. This is reflected, for example, with a particularly large, flat and neat floor space and a large round visibility as well as a comfortable driver’s seat, a wide step and an extremely large entrance.

The company highlights the attention to detail in the design and placement of each control, including hydraulic levers with a sense of precision movements. Buyers can also opt for “fingertip” controls, which is based on the award-winning adjustable armrest company.

In some ways the new series of lift trucks actually "thinks" for the driver. Having innovative system interlocking and hydraulic routing (Integrated Presence System - IPS), this prevents all movements if the driver is not seated, while providing warning - reminder to activate the parking brake and engage the seat belt.

For added security, the IPS applies automatically (electronically) the parking brake when the driver leaves the seat. And when the vehicle is moving uphill it prevents the truck from rolling backwards- and naturally the accident - even on steep ramps.

For the managers of the fleet of forklifts, the most attractive feature is that the new range includes very low maintenance requirements (1000 intervals) and at the same time very high energy efficiency. Caterpillar also promotes the two-battery changer (roller system and output side, without using hoist), which makes the procedure faster and safer.

With a capacity from 1.3 to 5 tons, with a variety of battery capacity, and compatibility with existing accumulators formulation DIN and BS of the customer, there is a model for every application and budget.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the new sealing implements according to the industry standard IPX4 is resistant not only to operation in rain with wind, but also on quantity of water that falls with force from all directions. Meanwhile, protection for the operator including the various types of cabins, which feature award winning roof (Hi-VIS).


EP16 - Electric Counterbalance Forklift

The Group FHL Kyriakidis invests in the future with CATERPILLAR machines by ELTRAK SA

The group FHL Kyriakidis SA is a leader in the Greek market and is based in Drama. The group is engaged in the mining and trading of marbles and exports the largest percentage of its production.

330D with H140D hammer - side 330D with H140D hammer - other view

For mining and transportation of marbles they trust the CATERPILLAR machines supplied by Eltrak SA. Overall the group companies work in a daily basis with 34 CATERPILLAR machines (loaders and excavators).

In today's challenging business environment we are experiencing in our country, the group FHL Kyriakidis SA invests in the purchase of new certified machines supporting the long-term collaboration and showing confidence in the service provided by Eltrak SA.

Eltrak S.A. has recently delivered the following CAT certified machines: three (3) wheel loaders CAT 914G, one (1) track excavator CAT 329D, one (1) track excavator CAT 330D and one (1) hydraulic hammer CAT H140Ds.

330D with H140D hammer

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