In order to serve the Greek Caterpillar parts market in the best possible way, Eltrak CAT keeps an extended parts stock in all of its branches. Besides the main warehouse in Kifisia (23.000 part numbers), stocked parts can be found in Thessalonica (6.000 part numbers), Heraklion (3.000 part numbers), Larisa (3.000 part numbers), Patras (6.000 part numbers) as well as in our branch in Ptolemaida (6.000 part numbers). The instant parts availability through our main warehouse in Kifisia is calculated to 80%, while our daily communication with the Caterpillar facilities in Grimbergen (Belgium), guaranties a 24hour parts availability of 96%.

Eltrak CAT supplies the full range of Caterpillar parts. Besides preventive maintenance parts (filters, lubricants, coolants) and consumable parts (hoses, tips, batteries, Skid Steer Loader tires etc) the range of available parts is adequate for any possible repair: 

• Engine repairs: pistons, liners, valves, piston rings, bearings, nozzles, etc
Drive train repairs: transmission, differentials, final drives, brakes, torque converter, etc
• Hydraulics repairs: hydraulic pumps and motors, control valves, cylinder seal kits, valves, etc
Undercarriage repairs: link assemblies, track shoes, rollers, idlers, sprocket segments, hardware, etc

Besides conventional parts, Caterpillar parts’ family is supplemented by Classic (alternative parts for aged machines) and Reman (remanufactured) parts.

Extended parts availability is only one of Eltrak CAT initiatives in order to offer its customers quality product support services. Services that stand up to the premium Caterpillar standards.

To stay consistent in our objective for continuous improvement of our services, we are expanding our branches’ network (Aigaleo, Ptolemaida), continually investing in specialized equipment (hoses’ presses in Athens and Thessalonica enable on the spot hoses assembly). At the same time Eltrak CAT is offering a continuously growing range of parts’ commercial programs based on the understanding of our customers’ needs for the quality and reasonable maintenance and repair of their machines.