Technical seminar "Electrical Parking Brake & braking system"-10/10/2016

On October 10th a technical training took place at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Chania, Crete, titled “Electrical Parking Brake & braking system”. The seminar was a combined effort of ELTREKKA S.A., and the Association of automotive mechanics- electricians, brake repairers of Chania district.  Apart from a presentation of various EPB systems used by different automotive manufacturers, the training session included also faults and solutions recorded for EPB systems. The second part of the training, was a presentation of the individual parts forming the braking system, correct maintenance, reasons and elimination of judder and noise during braking.

This joint effort of the Association and ELTREKKA S.A., will continue in the future in order to support the local repairers at Chania.


“Spies Hecker Paint Systems” – 08 & 09 October 2016

On the 8th & 9th October 2016, was organized a seminar for car painters at ELTRAK’s premises. ELTREKKA’s technician, presented a technical seminar titled “Spies Hecker Paint Systems”. The participants were informed on Spies Hecker products and their way of application.


Technical seminar 15/09/2016_"Electrical Parking Brake & braking system"

Οn the 15th of September, DELIGIANNIS Co together with ELTREKKA S.A., organized a technical training in Tripoli, inviting local workshops. The title of the training was “Electrical Parking Brake & braking system”, with duration of approximately 3,5 hours. Among other, was discussed the correct fitting procedure of brake discs, and the use of the correct tooling,  in order to avoid future juddering, using a front suspension arm, and measuring the run out of wheel hub and brake disc using a dial gauge. Furthermore, reasons of noise and how to avoid it were presented, by categorizing noise in 3 different regions according to frequency, and listening audio examples. At the end of the seminar, Deligiannis Co, hosted dinner for all the participants.



Visit to Spies Hecker's premises

On 12 to 14 September 2016, one more visit to Spies Hecker’s premises at Cavenago was organized. Ten partners, accompanied by ELTREKKA’S Coating System team attended seminar on security issues, new colors and ways of application. In addition to the tour at the Spies Hecker facilities at Cavenago, followed a tour in Milan.



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