Technical Seminar "Modern Diesel Engines"

On 23/3/2016, was organized technical seminar titled " Modern Diesel Engines", at the premises of ELTREKKA S.A. subsidiary 369 Athinon Av., Egaleo. The seminar was a jointly effort of ELTREKKA S.A. and Spanos Eleytherios automotive parts commercial company, based at 23 A. Frantzi str, N. Kosmos. The participants came from 12 different workshops, and had the opportunity to discuss problems and fault finding procedures on modern diesel light vehicles, which although they appeared recently in Athens, the car park is growing fast. 

At the end of the seminar, the participants had a buffet dinner, offered by Spanos El. company.

Seminar for Modern Diesel Engines Seminar for Modern Diesel Engines



ELTREKKA Seminars 2016

On the 23 & 24 January began the series of ELTREKKA seminars for 2016. The seminar held in our premises for car painters. Partners from Samos had the opportunity to attend the Theoretical and Practical Training by our specialized technical advisers.



Technical Seminars ΕΛΤΡΕΚΚΑ
Technical Seminars ΕΛΤΡΕΚΚΑ


Technical training "Start&Stop" at Eltrekka's new premises in Patra

On the 11th &12th November, the technical training "Start & stop, energy management and batteries", was organized at the new premises of ELTREKKA S.A. in Patra.

The training had 25 participants, both mechanics and automotive electricians. Along with the subject, various fault finding was disgust, on different systems of the car.

Due to the layout of the new premises, it was possible to project via diagnostic tool, the energy management parameters inside, from a car parked outside the store connected via bluethooth.

The participants expressed interest in organizing another ELTREKKA technical seminar, in the near future.


Start & Stop - Seminar - 01 Start & Stop - Seminar - 02



Trip at the technical center of Spies Hecker in Milan

A trip to Milan was organized from the 04th to the 07th of November 2015. Professionals in the field of refinishing materials had the opportunity to visit the technical center of Spies Hecker to Cavenagho and the change to tour in Milan!

Visit Spies Hecker Milan Visit Spies Hecker Milan Visit Spies Hecker Milan

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