Technical Seminars along with Schaeffler

On 27th, 28th and 29th of November, a series of technical seminars was organized by ELTREKKA S.A., in collaboration with Schaeffler Greece titled “Belt driven systems, timing system, accessories belt driven systems (FEAD)". The first two days the seminars took place in the premises of ELTRAK S.A. in Kifisia, with participants workshops from the wider area of Attica, whereas the third day the seminar took place in the premises of ELTREKKA S.A. in Patra. The topics described concerned timing belt tensioners, timing bearings, tooth and poly-v belts, alternator free run pulleys, as well as double mass crankshaft pulleys. The trainer Mr. Giorgos Dellas, presented examples of malfunctions, reasons of failures, diagnosis, and a vast number of technical information regarding a variety of vehicles. All three days the participation from the workshops was great and during that time many cases from the everyday problems faced were discussed.

Tenneco Van Tour

Tenneco, a leading global manufacturer of vehicle ride control, suspension and emissions control components, has recently concluded its “B-connected”

activity in Greece, where its “XPO cruiser” Van has visited customers in AthensPatra and Thessaloniki areas.

Eltrekka organized the tour in collaboration with Tenneco, with the aim to inform the customers and service professionals about the full range of products and services that Tenneco is able to offer.

Highly skilled Tenneco staff together with Eltrekka representatives showed to the customers during each visit the Monroe ride control products, with a special focus on the new Monroe OESpectrum® shock absorbers range, which features the revolutionary and patented Monroe R-TECH®2 Rebound Valving Technology.

Technical Seminars "Lubricants & Engine Antifreeze agents"

On October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, technical seminars took place on the Island of Crete, titled “Lubricants and engine antifreeze agents”. The first two days the training was held in the premises of ELTREKKA S.A. at Chania and the third one, in collaboration with Rethymno’s car engineers association, took place at their premises.  The topics covered, concerned a detailed analysis of engine lubricants and antifreeze agents, specifications according to vehicle manufacturers, as well as specifications to be introduced in the near future. In addition, the impact on engine oil from downsized, direct injection turbo engines was presented, due to particularities of their function.


Eltrekka Supports Motorsports in Greece

Eltrekka on the 18th & 19th  of March 2017 traveled to Megara and Kalamata.

On Saturday Eltrekka traveled at Megara for the last workout of the racers before the start of the Championship. Champions but also young drivers where on the race truck.

On Sunday Eltrekka traveled at Kalamata, as guests of Motobox and ALEMOK, for the grand opening of the MX race track in Kalamata. The race track was made with the help of the Municipality and much effort by the club members.

The opening included training athletes to the new track and award athletes who distinguished themselves in the last race, but also for the people who contributed to the upgrading of a former dump in a motorsport center to the city.


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