New engine type C32 ACERT

The new C32 ACERT marine propulsion engine has been updated by redesigning its cooling system. Through innovative changes, the engine now complies with the most strict emission regulations, EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier II.




The updated engine is equipped with two separate cooling circuits, one for the aftercooler and one for the jacket water cooler. Only fresh water circulates through these two cooling circuits. The former titanium sheet cooler has been replaced by a tube type cooler while an additional tube type cooler has been added so as to cool the fresh water that now circulates the aftercooler circuit. The advantage of this design is the absence of sea water inside the engine, which reduces corrosion, maintenance cost and achieves higher engine reliability. The specific arrangement is available for engines rated from 660BHP to 1450BHP.

As in previous generations and for specific ratings only, the engines maintain the ability to produce their nominal power through an operating speed window of 85% to 100%.

Finally the updated engine includes an electronic protection system that prevents high inlet and exhaust manifold temperatures. The control system is based on parallel monitoring of the circulating water temperature of the aftercooler and the environment temperature. The aim is to improve reliability and of course longevity of the engine, irrespective of operating conditions.

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