C18 ACERT Commercial Propulsion

C18 ACERT Marine Propulsion Engine fully complies with IMO Tier II and EPA Tier III Emission standards, with continuous power 454bHP (339bKW) to 1136bHP (847bKW) as a high performance rated engine. The aftercooler water circuit and the jacket water cooling circuit are now two separate cooling systems.  The former Titanium plate cooler of the engine’s jacket water has been replaced with a tube type cooler while an additional tube type cooler has been added for the aftercooler circuit. This design eliminates sea water circulation inside the engine and therefore reduces corrosion, maintenance cost and in general improves the reliability of the engine.




Standard equipment includes two separate expansion tanks for both aftercooler circuit and jacket water circuit. The advanced sea water pump features a metal impeller and increased water tightness. New C18 ACERT Marine engines include a new electric starting motor with increased durability and reliability while air filters are heavy duty type. In addition, the alternator belt is now available with automatic tensioning which eliminates the need for adjustments during service intervals.

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