Installation of 3512 1600 and C15 550 at UNI PHARMA

Due to the high specificity of the power needs of UNI PHARMA (one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in our country), recently two Caterpillar generator sets were installed to guarantee the uninterrupted power supply and the proper power management of the crucial loads. More specifically, a Caterpillar 3512 1600 (1600kVA/1280kW) and a Caterpillar C15 550 (550kVA/440kW) were installed.

Both units were installed within a common sound attenuated enclosure (canopy) which made it possible to achieve 65dBA at 1 meter away from the canopy are per UNI PHARMA’s request.


Canopy with 3512 1600 and C15 550