CAT new range of reach trucks ΝΡ-Ν2

Caterpillar announces its new range of reach trucks NR-N2, electric lift trucks. There are thirteen models available to choose from with lifting capacities from 1.4 up to 2.5 tons. Compact and straddle versions are included, ideal for use in drive-in racks and small spaces, as well as high-performance models for large loads and demanding applications. There are additional options that include machines suitable for extremely hot or cold environments (operation on frozen areas).

The new easy to read dashboard provides great deal of information to the operator, helping in this way in complete and full knowledge of the operating conditions of the lift truck. The time between the services which is now at 600 hours, helps maximize the use as well as its rugged construction, the use of AC that does not require any kind of maintenance and the easy access to the equipment of the machine such as the pumps and the logic card of the machine.

control panel reach truck NR-N2

Automated security and handling systems include reducing speed in relation to the steering angle of the machine as well depending on the load lifting height. The automatic speed adjustment allows the operation of the machine even on wet surfaces.

The state of art AC motors , ensure saving of power consumption, and in combination with regenerative braking technology of the machine, they offer longer life and less wear of the mechanical parts and battery consumption.

Finally, we offer tailor made solutions according to the needs of the client, through the additional options to the equipment including:

- Camera mounted on the forks which transmits view of the load via a monitor located in the cab
- Telescopic forks, for greater demands in loading
- Load weight indications
- Cold Store modification
- Preparing connection to a PC and so many others


Rach truck NR-N2

The new models from Caterpillar reach trucks are available from ELTRAK S.A., the CAT dealership in Greece, which thanks to its extensive network of privately owned facilities and mobile teams ensures that the lift trucks are always at the disposal of your business.