The Group FHL Kyriakidis invests in the future with CATERPILLAR machines by ELTRAK SA

The group FHL Kyriakidis SA is a leader in the Greek market and is based in Drama. The group is engaged in the mining and trading of marbles and exports the largest percentage of its production.

330D with H140D hammer - side 330D with H140D hammer - other view

For mining and transportation of marbles they trust the CATERPILLAR machines supplied by Eltrak SA. Overall the group companies work in a daily basis with 34 CATERPILLAR machines (loaders and excavators).

In today's challenging business environment we are experiencing in our country, the group FHL Kyriakidis SA invests in the purchase of new certified machines supporting the long-term collaboration and showing confidence in the service provided by Eltrak SA.

Eltrak S.A. has recently delivered the following CAT certified machines: three (3) wheel loaders CAT 914G, one (1) track excavator CAT 329D, one (1) track excavator CAT 330D and one (1) hydraulic hammer CAT H140Ds.

330D with H140D hammer